Newbie Guideline: Hydraverse’s Features In A Nutshell

Offline racing

Hydra Park

Dragon Feeding

Fooding — 100 points

Playing — 100 points

Bathing — 100 points

Sleeping — 100 points


  • 1 Normal training costs 3 energy and takes 30 minutes to recover 1 energy;
  • 1 Lazy training mode costs you 10 energy to join but gives your Dragons a bunch of exp, chances to get shards and saves you much more time than Normal mode.
  • 1 Endless training costs 10 energy. The further you go, the harder it gets. It won’t stop until you lose all of your lives in training sessions. Only Endless training has a leaderboard to honor the fastest Dragons.
  • Material to awaken your NFTs.
  • Item box to equip & boost your NFTs.


  • Step 1: Go to marketplace => User => My account;
  • Step 2: Click on your dragon, you will see a small QR code;
  • Step 3: Open Hydraverse app on your mobile => Choose the AR symbol in the corner => Scan the QR code above and enjoy your Dragons

About Hydraverse

  • P2E racing game with 3D NFT Dragons
  • Multiple types of races with different racecourses
  • Blockchain technology applied in renting system
  • High-quality AR/VR Gaming Experience



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