Hydraverse’s Offering New Items For Your NFTs

3 min readApr 13, 2022

Hello Dragon Trainers, April has arrived in the middle of the month, which means that our P2E BETA 4 is coming close. Your dragons have rested enough so it’s time we headed back to the races and earned big rewards.

This phase of P2E BETA is going to be exclusive and promises to explode players with new events and features that could significantly increase your earnings more than ever.

We are providing new items to assist your Dragon to become more powerful, faster, and more fashionable. Let us walk you through these new mysterious items.

New items’ information

  • Items’ ranks included: Normal, Magic, Rare, Epic, Legend.
  • Types of items: Boots, Hat, Glasses.
Increases Dragon’s strength by 10–15 strength (Based on the item’s rank).
Increase the speed of NFTs from 5–10 speed (Based on the item’s rank).
Increase the speed of the Dragon from 5–10 speed (Based on the item’s rank).

How to own items in BETA 4

Normal Box and Epic Box are available in BETA 4 now to give you the opportunity of owning the items mentioned above.

Normal Box and Epic Box can be purchased directly in-game with Dcoin, not in Marketplace.

  • Normal Box (60 Dcoin): 70% chance of owning Normal Items and 30% chance of owning Magic Items.
  • Epic Box (250 Dcoin): 55% chance to own Magic Items, 40% to own Rare Items, 4.5% to own Epic Items, and only 0.5% to own Legend Items.

You can also get Normal Boxes by winning in Normal Training and Lazy Training:

  • Normal Training: 10% chance to get Normal Boxes when winning.
  • Lazy Training:15% chance to receive Normal Boxes when winning.
  • Endless Training: 5%-20% chance to receive Normal Boxes.

Items with the same rank can be combined to upgrade to a higher rank. The stats after upgrading will depend on the main item’s stats:

  • Combine 2 Normal items + 1 main Normal item~> 1 Magic item.
  • Combine 2 Magic items + 1 main Magic item~> 1 Rare item.
  • Combine 2 Rare items + 1 main Rare item~> 1 Epic item.
  • Combine 2 Epic items + 1 main Epic item~> 1 Legend item.

You can level up your Dragon’s stats among newly provided options, so choose wisely to claim your victory.

The races are still ahead, be follow us and turn on notification so you don’t miss any new updates.
Speed up and get your prize!

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