Hydraverse’s NFT Sales x Affiliate Program: When and How?

2 min readApr 28, 2022

Good day, Dragon Trainers!

This May, we are glad to announce that Hydraverse’s NFTs will be listed on Formless and their GameFi acceleration partners for sale. On this platform, we will host an Affiliate Program that promises to bring you huge benefits just by introducing newcomers to join.

NFTs Sales Information

Duration: 1PM UTC 4th May — 1PM UTC 18th May.

Venue: Formless website & GameFi acceleration.

How does the Affiliate program work?

Step 1: Get your invitation code

Each of you will get an invitation link after successfully logging in Formless.

(Your Profile -> Invitation Reward -> Copy the invitation code/ Copy code)

Step 2: You (A) send your invitation link to (B), (B) buys Hydraverse’s NFTs through your link, (A) has a profit of up to 30% from the transaction.

Step 3: (B) send (B)’s link to ©, © buys Hydraverse’s NFTs through that link, (B) has profit up to 30% from the transaction, and (A) has 10% commission from the transaction.

The commission you receive depends on your Membership tier. To see your Membership tier, log into your Formless account, go to Your profile -> Membership center.

If you want to raise your membership tier to get more commission, go to Your Profile -> Mission Center. Complete all the tasks to earn reward points and level up to a higher tier.

How long will the Affiliate Program take place?

Hydraverse’s Affiliate Program will last during Hydraverse’s NFTs Sales for 2 weeks: 1 PM UTC May 4th — 1 PM UTC May 18th.

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The more, the merrier! Let’s multiply your earnings by introducing your friends to join our program. More hint: The sale will also occur during Beta 4.

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