Hydraverse INO — What Do We Have In Stock?

Hello Dragons Trainers! As we announced recently, Hydraverse’s Initial NFT Offering whitelist is open to register for the upcoming NFT sale. Now, we are pleased to introduce the NFTs that will be available in our INO with reasonable prices and Dcoin packages to use in game.

What do we have in our INO?

The Hydraverse NFTs Eggs contain one-of-a-kind Dragons. Normal eggs, Epic eggs, and Legendary eggs are the three varieties of eggs. However, the Legendary Eggs are so scarce and not yet found in Hydraland, they will not show up in this 1st sale.

Let’s take a look at what is achievable in this INO!

Hydraverse’s NFT Eggs

Appearing in our marketplace this NFT sale will include Normal Eggs & Epic Eggs with the following information:

Percentage of Dragon when cracking different types of Eggs:

The token you can earn in Beta Version will definitely be worth the money you spend on the NFTs, so don’t hesitate to join our INO & wait for Beta information.

Dcoin Packages

If you had joined our Alpha Test, you must have known the utilities of Dcoin — Hydraverse’s ingame token. If you have never heard of it, we would like to list some of Dcoin’s uses case in Beta version as follow:

  • Buying racing tickets;
  • Buying energy to train your dragons;
  • Setting Dcoin in Offline Racing.

Coming in this Hydraverse’s INO, we have 4 packages for you:

Basically, you don’t need to buy Dcoin to enter the game, but having an amount of Dcoin will benefit a lot and give you better chances to earn. For example, you can buy energy to train your Dragons harder to dominate the races with your powerful dragons; or if you’re confident enough with your NFTs, you can set a large amount of Dcoin in the races and receive huge rewards in return. Your budget — your choice.

How to be the first civilians to get Hydraverse’s NFTs?

The first NFT sale will take place on Hydraverse marketplace on January 17th, 2022.

INO whitelist is now open for registration: https://gleam.io/OWp8u/hydraverse-ino-whitelist-registration

Apply to get yourself a chance of purchasing early NFT dragons and being a part of Hydraverse’s Play-to-earn Beta Version!

About Hydraverse

Hydraverse is a metaverse play-to-earn PVP dragon racing game in which users can have many financial opportunities through the digital NFT dragons. Hydraverse aims at building an inclusive metaverse ecosystem to become a leader of P2E industry with the following highlights:

  • P2E racing game with 3D NFT Dragons
  • Multiple types of races with different racecourses
  • Blockchain technology applied in renting system
  • High-quality AR/VR Gaming Experience

Follow Hydraverse’s links:

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🗣 Telegram Channels:

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A metaverse play-to-earn PVP dragon racing game

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A metaverse play-to-earn PVP dragon racing game

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