🚀 Bug Bounty Campaign in Hydraverse Alpha Test 🐞

Hydraverse is a blockchain-based NFT gaming platform which is constantly striving for perfection in terms of gameplay and security. However, no one is flawless, especially when it comes to the Alpha version, which includes three features as well as our Marketplace testnet.

As a result, the Hydraverse team decided to host a bug bounty program for our users, allowing them to contribute to the project’s development while also being rewarded for each bug they discovered 🤩

⏰ Timeline: 7th December — 13th December 2021

💁🏻‍♀️ How to join:

STEP 1: Submit entry ticket on Google Form which containing:

  • Game wallet address;
  • Description of the bugs;
  • Code or proof of concept so that we can reproduce the bugs.

STEP 2: After your submission, we will follow up with you as part of the review process. Once we have determined that you have found a bug, we will give you recognition for your on the leaderboard and allow you to claim your bounty reward.


  • Bounties go to the first to report;
  • When reporting a bug, pictures or videos, or codes are required;
  • Don’t steal or attempt to steal others’ funds;
  • Don’t publicly disclose a bug before it’s fixed;
  • Issues that are mentioned in the security audits are not eligible;
  • Don’t release Hydraverse users’ data and any private data related to Hydraverse.

💸 Reward pool: 22,222 $HDV

  • Bug on Marketplace: 10 $HDV per bug
  • Bug on Game:15 $HDV per bug

🦾Hydraverse Technical Support Group

To ensure the most satisfaction in testing the Alpha game, we create a technical support group on Telegram so users can join if they meet any troubles while playing our game, Admins and the Dev team is always ready to support.

📍Join us here: https://t.me/hydraverse_tech

Enjoy our Alpha Test and don’t forget to do the daily challenges!

About Hydraverse

Hydraverse is a metaverse play-to-earn PVP dragon racing game in which users can have many financial opportunities through the digital NFT dragons. Hydraverse aims at building an inclusive metaverse ecosystem to become a leader of the P2E industry with the following highlights:

  • P2E racing game with 3D NFT Dragons
  • Multiple types of races with different racecourses
  • Blockchain technology applied in renting and betting system
  • High-quality AR/VR Gaming Experience

Follow Hydraverse’s links:

📍 Website l Twitter l Whitepaper l Medium l Facebook l Instagram

🗣 Telegram Channels:

💬 Telegram Ann

🌎 Hydraverse Global Chat




A metaverse play-to-earn PVP dragon racing game

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A metaverse play-to-earn PVP dragon racing game

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