Bringing Offline Racing Back in Hydraverse Alpha Test 2 With 66,666 $HDV Reward

Hey Dragon Trainers! Are you ready for the next 7-day adventure with Hydraverse Alpha Test 2?

We’re super hyped to announce that the Offline Racing feature — Where the most thrilling races in Hydraverse take place will be back in Alpha Test 2 with a brand new scoring system and bigger reward.

This article will provide useful information so you can prepare for the exciting challenges awaiting us at our racetrack.

As you had known, Offline Racing is a PvP mode in which you will be able to join racecourses according to your dragons’ stars with 5 other random dragons, win Dcoin and get points.

You will have 5 tickets/day. Each time joining the racecourse will cost you 1 ticket, so use it wisely. You can also buy more tickets for 20 $Dcoin each.

Scoring System

There will be changes in the gaining point and experience in this version 2 of Alpha Test. You set more coins to earn a bigger number of points and experience. Take a look at this table to see how you can get in the leaderboard of Hydraverse.

  • Top 1 will win 50% amount of set coin;
  • Top 2 will win 30 amount of set coin;
  • Top 3 will win 15% amount of set coin.

💸66,666 $HDV Rewards for Top 500 Leaderboard

As you all can see the earning system in this special feature in Hydraverse Alpha Test 2. Top 500 winners from this leaderboard will share the total reward of 66,666 $HDV. We had raised this budget higher than the Alpha Test 1 as we had gained positive effects from the community. Anyone who missed their chance on the board, this is your opportunity to become the leader in Hydraland.

About Hydraverse

Hydraverse is a metaverse play-to-earn PVP dragon racing game in which users can have many financial opportunities through the digital NFT dragons. Hydraverse aims at building an inclusive metaverse ecosystem to become a leader of the P2E industry with the following highlights:

  • P2E racing game with 3D NFT Dragons
  • Multiple types of races with different racecourses
  • Blockchain technology applied in renting and betting system
  • High-quality AR/VR Gaming Experience

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A metaverse play-to-earn PVP dragon racing game

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A metaverse play-to-earn PVP dragon racing game

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