An in-depth look at Hydraverse’s NFT Dragons

You’ve come to the right place, my friends!

Hydraverse is a mystical land of legendary dragons where your dragon fantasies can come true. Even better, you can satisfy your passion while also earning money from the game’s interesting activities. Don’t be fooled by the NFT Dragons’ adorable appearance, deep within them is a great power that brings players enormous economic opportunities. This article will provide useful details about the game’s main characters.

NFT Dragon’s statistics

  • Movement speed: Affects race results
  • Strength: Effects when 2 dragons compete with each other
  • Endurance: The longer the race is, the more durable dragons will benefit and can endure well in harsh environments
  • Speed when accelerating (available only upon awakening)
  • Diving time (available only upon awakening): In some terrains, good driving skills would enable the dragons to go faster. It is when diving time really matters.
  • Attraction: The attractive dragons will earn a lot of money when being displayed in the park
  • Happiness: Players who take care of the dragon sufficiently will increase the happiness stat, which will result in a win rate
  • Sex: King or Queen
  • Level: from 0–40
  • The number of stars: from 1 to 5 stars
  • Awakened or not: Awaken dragons to increase stats and body form changes.
  • Stamina:
    Defaulted at 20; 30 when awakening
    Decreased 5 when joining a race
    Decreased 3 when being trained
    Increased 1 every hour

How to level up your Dragons

As Dragon Trainers, you can seize many opportunities to earn by leveling up your dragons. Here are several ways to make your dragons perform at their best:

  • Training Dragons: After completing their tasks, players can train their dragons in the training area to level up. As a result, training tasks function as a mini-game in which the player can level up their dragons by gaining experience points.
  • Awakening Dragons: Players can awaken their dragons at any level or star. The dragon’s stats will increase after it is awakened. To successfully awaken the dragons, players must purchase the materials available in the shop.
  • Combining Dragons: If your dragon is not strong from the beginning as you can combine the dragons at lower stars as follows:
    - 1-star dragon + 1-star Max level 40 dragon ⇒ 2-star dragon level 0
    - 2-star dragon + 2-star Max level 40 ⇒ 3-star dragon level 0
    - 3-star dragon + 3-star Max level 40 ⇒ 4-star dragon level 0
    - 4-star dragon + 4-star Max level 40 ⇒ 5-star level 0

Hopefully, this article has provided you with a more in-depth look at the NFT Dragon character in the game. Let’s look forward to the explosive events this December, especially the Alpha Game version, which will bring many surprises to Hydraverse’s Dragon fans.



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