A Quick Overview About Hydraverse

What is Hydraverse?

Hydraverse Tokenomics ($HDV — Hydracoin)

Use cases:

  • Gacha buying: Gacha is a place where you can buy dragon eggs at a much cheaper price than in the marketplace. The eggs will hatch after that, and random dragons will be opened and you will profit if you receive one with high stats.
  • Payment for transferring NFT dragons: HDV tokens are used as a payment currency in Hydraverse marketplace so you can buy or sell NFT Dragons.
  • Payment for breeding and training packages: If you exclusively get your dragons through Gacha or Marketplace, they will not become legendary. You must offer them breeding and training packages in order to help them improve their stats and win dragon races.
  • Payment for dragon renting: Dragon owners can hire them out through the Deposit Fund in exchange for HDV tokens. On the contrary, you will have to pay a fee or share the profit when you want to hire dragons to serve the races.

How to earn HDV tokens?

  • Breeding and training dragons, then selling them on the marketplace
  • Selling NFTs by auctions
  • Staking tokens or NFTs
  • Joining dragon races and winning them
  • Renting dragons to other users
  • Bet winning

Hydraverse’s plan on burning HDV tokens:

  • Payment for the dragon races fee
  • Payment for the betting service
  • Buying back tokens

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