5 Things Many People Misunderstand about Hydraverse

3 min readApr 17, 2022


Hello, Hydraverse civilians! We are glad that we’ve traveled together through many memorable milestones and built Hydraverse as strong as it is now. As the Beta 4 is coming to mark another breakthrough of Hydraverse, more investors are also approaching us and it is our duty to arm them with the best knowledge of Hydraverse.

These are 5 things that are usually misunderstood when people think of Hydraverse project that you might have in your mind the first time you get to know us.

1. Hydraverse requires lots of $HDV to entry

Not at all. All you need for the first entry is ONE NFT Dragon. Many Hydraverse’s NFTs are listed on the Marketplace with a large price range. So it is easy for you to find an affordable one and join in Hydraverse.

2. Hydraverse is hard to play

With a lot of rules and features, Hydravese might seem to be complicated at first. But in fact, all the features in our game revolve around your NFT Dragons, and are really easy to access and play. With just a few tries, you’ll find the key to the entire Hydraverse.

If you don’t understand anything about the game, we also have a community with admin teams who will always actively support players at any time. Also, we are publishing tutorial videos and KOL’s livestream to make it easier for everyone.

No one is left behind so don’t hesitate to join us!

3. New players can not compete with the oldbies

Newbies are used to be struggling to catch up with old Dragons’ Trainers. But in the BETA 4 version, our team has come up with solutions to support new Dragons’ Trainers. You can get lots of items right at the beginning by entering Referral Code. Now Hydraverse has become more balance between gamers, speed up and conquer the races!

4. Users are not allowed to un-stake $HDV before the due date

Many users think staking $HDV is locking your $HDV until the due date and you can not withdraw your token whenever you want. You can un-stake anytime you want and receive your token, the only condition is waiting 2 days before $HDV is transferred to your e-wallet.

5. $HDV price affects your earning

You will earn Dcoin for playing Hydraverse and Dcoin is tradeable into $HDV.

Here is some information maybe you have missed about Dcoin:

First, Dcoin is a stable coin. This means your earnings are stable without concerning the market condition.

Here is how it works: Dcoin is equivalent to $0.05 USDT. You earn Dcoin ingame, you can transfer it to $HDV and then USDT.

An easier way to understand: You earn 500 Dcoin a day, which means you earn 500x 0,05= $25 USDT. There is is no need to be concerned about the $HDV price. You will earn a certain amount of Dcoin and get an equivalent amount of USDT.

What a safe way to invest in any project!

Hydraverse’s BETA Version 4 is coming back this April with a huge reward pool, a lot of new features and earning mechanism. Let’s get ready for that, Dragon Trainers!

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