Dec 6, 2021

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188.888 $HDV Reward for Hydraverse’s Alpha Test Event

What’s up Hydraverse fam!

Only 1 day left till the release of our Alpha Version of Hydraverse, Surely you are curious about the upcoming Alpha test and what will be the reward. This is the post that you all have been waiting for.

Prepare for amazing adventures ahead and get yourself a slot to play our game here 👉🏻 https://gleam.io/vWwv1/hydraverse-alpha-version-registration


⏳ Registry time: 5th — 13th December 2021
⏰ Alpha Test time: 7th — 13th December 2021
💁🏻‍♀️ Participants: All users who register
💸 FREE to play + Attractive rewards
🐲 3 features & 7-day challenge

Alpha Test Reward

The total reward for these upcoming events in Hydraverse will be 188,888 $HDV for our beloved community with a series of big 8 events and campaigns that you won’t want to miss! Here goes the reveal of 3 events that you had heard before.

Reward: 22.222 $HDV for 106 top referrals, including:
+ 3.333 $HDV for top 1
+ 2.222 $HDV for top 2
+ 1.111 $HDV for top 3
+ 15.556 $HDV for the top 100 left

Reward: 55.555 $HDV for top 500 in top total score in our offline racing leaderboard. Take a look at the details here:

Reward: 22.222 $HDV for everyone who completes the 7-day challenge.

Stay hyped for upcoming updates at Hydraland to be able to participate in the next 5 exciting events with many promising rewards!

About Hydraverse

Hydraverse is a metaverse play-to-earn PVP dragon racing game in which users can have many financial opportunities through the digital NFT dragons. Hydraverse aims at building an inclusive metaverse ecosystem to become a leader of the P2E industry with the following highlights:

  • P2E racing game with 3D NFT Dragons
  • Multiple types of races with different racecourses
  • Blockchain technology applied in renting system
  • High-quality AR/VR Gaming Experience

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